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HACK 3D Coat 4.8.20 Patch leilkamm




So what's new and how to use it? Go check it out. Translations & Localisation 3DCoat, the fully open-source, cross-platform 3D rigging package, is now localised in German, Polish and Russian. Download 3DCoat from and check out the installation instructions in the README.txt and/or the Wiki. Read our frequently asked questions and get started. As usual, this release contains a large number of bugfixes and changes. Among the noteworthy ones: Scene::Mesh now converts mesh UVs by default, useful for EGL animation. The ignore number on the Scene tab in the Outliner now lets you control which objects to ignore when re-parenting. Lights are now sorted on the right by name, from top to bottom. Scene tabs in the Outliner now display "inactive" state for non-loaded scenes. The "Objects as Parent" and "Lights as Parent" buttons in the Outliner now respect the ignore numbers. The display of the "Degree" option in the Outliner editor has been improved. The Copy/Paste operation in the Outliner now allows you to select and copy scenes only. The "Copied" icon in the Outliner now displays properly when you have more than one scene selected. If the included scene files were modified after installation, the Scene menu would contain references to the original scenes, which is not desirable. Now, instead, the scenes are merged and all modifications are relative to the project root. The new version includes a fix for a regression introduced in 4.8.18 and 4.8.19, where a scene would be missing when performing "Open With" operation in 3DCoat Outliner. The "Copy/Paste" operation in the Outliner has been re-worked. It now works as follows: when you select a scene or a light, the entire scene/light tree is copied into the clipboard. When you then paste the scene/light into another scene or light tree, the entire tree is imported. Previously, only the selected node was pasted. This means that with the new release, copying a light would copy the entire tree into the clipboard, whereas previously only the light tree node was copied. The pasted light tree was always added to the current scene/light tree and it was not possible




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HACK 3D Coat 4.8.20 Patch leilkamm

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